A glimpse at the goings on of the operation responsible for bringing you the irregularly published comics reportage anthology, SYNCOPATED.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Progress Check

As expected, my posting to this blog has been unreliable. I suppose I can chalk it up to spending time putting together SYNCOPATED Vol.3. I'm embarrassingly slow at drawing, and getting my own contributions done for the next volume has been consuming quite a bit of my "creative" time. I'm also looking to include even more text pieces this time around, which means making sure copy flows smoothly and that it interacts with the accompanying spot illustrations in a pleasing way.

The piece I'm most excited about (as far as my own efforts are concerned) is a short picto-essay on Manhattan's South Street Seaport area. Here's a panel from that piece that shows the Schermerhorn row houses.

I'm fairly optimistic about getting the book off to the printers by the first week or two of the new year. The New York ComicCon will be held February 23-25, and I'd like to have something new by then. It's not a major priority to arrive with something new for that show, but it seems like a fair goal to set for myself.

Assuming work on putting together Vol.3 doesn't become too consuming (and, frankly, I anticipate it will), I'll try to post more soon.

- Brendan