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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SYNCOPATED Release Party Tonight!

A quick reminder that we'll be celebrating the release of SYNCOPATED Vol.3 tonight!

Here are those details once again:

What: A SYNCOPATED Volume 3 Release Party
When: Tuesday, February 20th from 6-9pm
Where: Drop Off Service (211 Avenue A, Btwn 13th & 14th Sts., NYC)
Bonus: Free Six Point Beer! ('til it runs out -- oh, and you really should tip the bartender for that free beer, y'know)

It'll be a short while before the books start showing up in stores and are available for purchase at SyncopatedComics.com so come down to the party and get yer very own, very exclusive early copy!

All are welcome so tell your friends!

Hope to see you there...

- Brendan


Blogger Mike Lynch said...

Hey, what a nice event. I took a few pics and posted them:


Thanks, Brendan, for having this celebration -- and congratulations on the new book!

5:31 AM

Blogger Brendan B. said...

Thanks, Mike! T'was swell, eh?

I'll have a recap and some photos up soon, too. I stole one of your photos to use in my post.

2:11 PM


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