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Friday, September 01, 2006

Injury Update

Tomorrow marks the four week anniversary of that awful, gruesome accident I mentioned a few posts back, and I'm incredulous with the fact that I'm still not quite on my feet yet. I'm getting the stitches from the surgery out tomorrow, but the doctors are imploring me not to put any weight on the thing for another couple of weeks. In their words: "If that laceration opens up, we won't be able to close it again, and you'll be left with a gaping gash in the bottom of your foot, inviting infection."

Can you believe this is happening?! The ridiculously slow recovery time aside, I'm definitely getting better, but I'm just growing impatient.

One thing that has helped me along has been all of the get well cards and emails I've gotten from friends and family -- none better than the image atop this post. It's a manipulation of the Syncopated homepage that my best friend, Brian sent me in an email a couple of days after I got back from the hospital. It's remarkably accurate -- from the sympathy beard I grew to the little sock tip that I cut to keep my toes warm to the wooden crate I've been elevating my leg with.

I think this is that last I'll mention this stupid injury, but thanks for reading about this senseless little episode...

- Brendan


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