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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frequent Infrequency

Clearly I'm one of those bloggers who can't be relied upon to deliver updated news and thoughts, etc. on a regular basis. I'm also guessing that anyone who may have been tracking what goes on here has long since lost hope in seeing anything worthwhile or interesting. But I'm determined not to be one of those bloggers that start every entry with an apology for lack of frequency. So, from here on in, even if blogging is light, I don't plan on addressing it. This blog will probably have little bursts of frequently added interesting news/material fairly infrequently, but so be it, right?

Maybe I shouldn't post this entry... Is it off-putting? Maybe I'll just hit whichever readers might be out there with a flurry of worthwhile posts and bury this one, while still having gotten the above off my chest. How convenient! I happen to have quite a bit to report currently, so ignore this and scroll up!

- Brendan


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