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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Release Party Feb. 20th!

With SYNCOPATED Volume 3 due to arrive in just a couple weeks, we've put together a little shin-dig to help celebrate. So come out and join us Tuesday, February 20th at Drop Off Service (Ave. A btwn. 13th & 14th St.) from 6-9pm, and be one of the first people to get their hands on the new tome, while quaffing a couple of pints of free beer!

Yes, free beer! We've got a keg that will pour about 65 pints of Brooklyn's own Six Point Brownstone Ale, so get there early, 'cause I'm sure it'll run out before long. Drop Off Service is an otherwise fully stocked bar, so after the Six Point runs out, there'll be plenty to choose from (at full price, or course). Oh, hey, even though we're looking at free pints, please do tip whoever's tending bar.

- Brendan


Blogger Mike Lynch said...

This is great news. I blabbed all about it on my blog.

5:54 AM

Blogger Brendan B. said...

Yes, I noticed -- I knew I could count on you, Mike. Thanks!

7:04 AM


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